Strengthening Services

Corporate tax Having an effective corporate tax program means keeping on top of trends and key issues. When tax changes or rulings are announced, timely analysis can help you understand how your business will be affected so you have time to adjust your tax processes accordingly. KPMG Enterprise advisers in KPMG firms work with entrepreneurial businesses like yours to develop comprehensive

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Every Entrepreneur Needs an Exit Strategy

While you’re still building your empire, thinking about how you might disconnect from and cash in on the family business one day probably doesn’t top your to-do list. It should, though – no point building up a lucrative business if you haven’t thought about how you’ll access that fortune in the future. That’s why every entrepreneur needs an exit strategy. Simply

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Choose Ireland

Whether you are a dynamic start-up seeking guaranteed access to a European market of 500 million people or an established business looking to meet high performance objectives, Ireland delivers. However, don’t just take our word for it – the list of successful companies that have chosen Ireland proves that smart decision makers value our probusiness policies, exceptional people and reputation as

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KPMG Enterprise – From Seed to Speed, We’re Here Throughout Your Journey

You nailed the big idea part. But what’s ahead? Fierce competition. Global pressure. Not to mention a need to get to market yesterday. Fortunately, startups don’t have to go down that road alone. KPMG Enterprise’s global network of advisers understand the complex challenges startups face and can help you navigate your journey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK9p-5JvbwA

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Family Business Barometer

Private and family owned businesses play a key role in the European economy; however, the significance of their contribution is rarely fully appreciated. Family businesses represent anywhere from 55–90 percent of businesses in Europe, depending on the country. Their sizes are even more varied, ranging from small two-person operations to global enterprises employing thousands. Confidence abounds Irish